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Portraying the historic townscape of Stromness, ‘Our Home town’ is a commemorative mural created as part of the Per Mare 200 celebrations. It was a collaborative project between the Stromness Museum and the Stromness Primary School with the original artwork by the P7 class of 2017/18.

Stromness is an old town and many of its people have come and gone however the town’s buildings have remained largely the same. They have inspired various artists throughout the years so this was the focus for the mural. Pupils were encouraged to incorporate the architectural features they had noticed, making the houses recognisabley Stromness but also individual to them.

Local graphic designer Iain Ashman assembled these drawings into a townscape which creatively captured the P7s hometown. The resulting artwork is now installed on the road-facing gable end of the bin store. A lasting legacy welcoming people to the town.

With up to 400 boats the herring fleet crowded Stromness harbour during the late 19th century this was a great time for Stromness with plenty of work. It was said you could walk from on side of the harbour to the other without getting your feet wet just by walking across the boats! The harbour helped Stromness develop into a major seaport which has a long and rich history.

Today, the harbour still plays a vital role and is the main gateway to Orkney with the ferry providing essential transport links to and from the mainland Scotland. The piers are also busy and are home to fishing boats, the lifeboat, renewable industry vessels and visiting yachts. There is also a large fleet of diving boats that take people out to explore Scapa Flow.

The P2 pupils of Stromness Primary created a mural celebrating Stromness’ connection to fishing and the sea.

The murals were funded by the Co-op Community Fund and installed by Andrew Sinclair Ltd.

The murals project was also supported by LEADER, John Ellerman,  Per Mare 200, Stromness Primary, Orkney Islands Council


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